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Ella has a MSc degree in Neuroscience & Cognition from Utrecht University and is studying whether and how temporal context is altered in Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is best known for its behavioral symptoms and social characteristics. In addition to this, many people with ASD display perceptual atypicalities such as hypersensitivity and attention to detail. Recently, it has been suggested that these and other perceptual atypicalities could be explained by less temporal dependence in perception. In normal perception, sensory input is not just processed separately from moment to moment – the brain uses prior input to process current input. This is valuable because sensory input is often ambiguous and past experiences can help resolve ambiguity. If the brain does not use temporal dependence, this can lead to perceptual atypicalities and could explain the stressful sensory experience of some people with ASD. However, this hypothesis has not yet been extensively studied. In my research, I look at temporal dependence in the perception of people on the autism spectrum. We hope to increase our understanding of the diverse symptoms of ASD and, down the road, be able to help people who experience perceptual discomfort.

When I am not doing research I like to spend my time writing and making music. I also play a sport called Quidditch.