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Chiara Terzo

Exchange PhD Candidate

The question that fascinates me the most is how the brain creates an active and predictive construction of the world. With this goal in mind, I study mechanisms such as serial dependence and statistical learning that facilitate continuity in perception and help the brain predicting upcoming stimuli. My research work involves neural oscillations measured through EEG, eye movements—specifically saccades—and pupillometry. Approaching the conclusion of my PhD at the Pisa Vision Lab in Italy, I'm now finalizing my studies at the Predictive Brain Lab at Donders. Here, I'll explore how eye movements can provide insights into our mental processes beyond just visual perception

I began my journey in Neuroscience with a Bachelor's in Psycholobiological and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Padova, including a 6-month ERASMUS+ stint at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Inspired by this experience, I pursued a Research Master's in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience at Maastricht University, focusing on social cognition. My passion led me to London for a master's thesis and internship at King's College with the EU-AIMS Team, studying social cognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Subsequently, I delved into EEG and kinematics research on social cognition as a Research Assistant at the Italian Institute of Technology in Ferrara. Currently, I'm a PhD student at the Pisa Vision Lab, exploring generative perception through EEG and eye-tracking. 

In addition to being a PhD student, I'm also passionate about traveling and yoga. I like social events, especially if with live music, but when at home I also enjoy just watching tv-series and listening to podcasts.