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Yamil Vidal

Post-doctoral researcher

Understanding perception as an inferential process, in which the brain combines its sensory input with predictions generated by internal models, has permitted considerable progress in sensory neuroscience. In my current project, I use MEG and challenging auditory signal detection tasks, to study how sensory evidence, and prediction errors signals, interact to give rise to our auditory experience. Besides this, I have a keen interest in artificial intelligence, as a way to study the nature of learning and knowledge.

I completed a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience under the co-supervision of Jacques Mehler (SISSA, Italy) and Tristan Bekinschtein (University of Cambridge, UK), where I used EEG and pupillometry to study predictive processes in auditory speech processing. Later I joined the lab of Davide Crepaldi (SISSA, Italy) to study how the processing of visual words is supported by the statistical learning abilities of our visual system.

I joined the Predictive Brain lab as a member of Cogitate, which is a large consortium contrasting consciousness theories. Currently I’m working on my project in auditory perception, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant.

I have too many hobbies to be good at any.  But the mains I spend my time outside the lab doing are running, photography and dancing.